Guards, Bite Appliances

Are your mornings plagued by a headache or a dull ache in your jaw? You may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth while you sleep.

The discomfort is frustrating, but — more importantly — it’s damaging the surface of your teeth. Often time, it could even result in your teeth falling out.

Or are you putting your teeth in danger in a different way, without even realizing it? Many contact sports — such as football, rugby, and hockey — can result in serious teeth injuries.

Here at Kennedy Dental Office in Scarborough, Ontario, we believe in the importance of protecting your teeth — day or night.

Here are our custom solutions available for our patients:

Bite appliances

These are custom-made appliances that protect your teeth while you sleep, preventing damage from grinding and clenching.

Sports guards

These are custom guards that protect your teeth during physical activity, cushioning them from any impact.

If you need more information about Guards, Bite Appliances in Scarborough, contact us today.

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