Scarborough Family Dentistry

Dr. Gopal and his team believe it’s important to teach children about brushing and flossing from a very early age. It will help them form good oral hygiene habits that they’ll carry with them forever.

But you can’t use the same approach on children — they respond better to a play-based dental education strategy. That’s why we use different forms of dental education as part of our comprehensive Scarborough family dentistry program.

In the Kids Zone right here on the Kennedy Dental Office website, family dentistry comes alive using interactive games, videos, cartoons, and coloring pages.

Kids feel comfortable at Kennedy Dental Office — we’ve made sure of that! We have a great play area in our waiting room, and our team members can always get a smile out of our little patients.

If you need more information about a Family Dentistry in Scarborough, contact us today.

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