Scarborough dental services

From fillings and veneers, to orthodontics and Zoom! teeth whitening, Kennedy Dental Office offers a wide variety of Scarborough dental services.

Have you been interested in cosmetic dentistry, but weren’t sure what was involved? We’d be happy to explain it to you, and show you how it could remake your smile.

Dr. Gopal is also proud to provide orthodontic treatment. Braces are an easy and effective way to completely straighten and align your teeth at any age.

Want to learn more about our dental services? Here is a complete list of what we offer here at Kennedy Dental Office:

Snoring Treatment

Do you suffer from loud or disruptive snoring? It could mean you have a serious medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. People who suffer from...

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Are you missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth? Dr. Gopal and the Kennedy Dental Office team can replace your missing teeth...

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Guards, Bite Appliances

Are your mornings plagued by a headache or a dull ache in your jaw? You may be clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth while...

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It’s very common for men and women in their late teens or early twenties to experience terrible pain and headaches caused by erupting wisdom teeth....

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Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Dr. Gopal encourages all of his patients to come in twice a year for oral hygiene visits. While they’re sometimes called “teeth-cleanings,” these visits are...

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We’re proud to offer Scarborough families a comprehensive range of endodontic treatments and therapies — including root canals. What is a root canal? Well, inside...

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Periodontics care

Have you ever experienced bleeding gums, sore or puffy gums, sensitive teeth, or chronic bad breath? They’re symptoms that arise in the early stages of...

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You don’t have to live with crooked teeth — ask the team at Kennedy Dental Office how braces could dramatically change your smile. Dr. Gopal...

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Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed your teeth getting darker as you get older? It’s unfortunately a natural part of life. The enamel also becomes more porous —...

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Is your smile less than desirable? Are there flaws or imperfections that you can’t stop thinking about when you look in the mirror? Cosmetic dentistry...

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Dental Restorations

When in doubt, have it checked out! If you suspect you have an injured, decayed, or damaged tooth, call Kennedy Dental Office right away. We...

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