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Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Food and bacteria can hide in the corners and crevices of your teeth. In addition, crooked teeth provide more hiding places. This can be a breeding ground for plaque and tartar formation. This is why regular dental cleanings are necessary.
Plaque produces acid, which will erode your teeth 20 minutes after you eat a meal! Over time, it wears away the enamel on the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and other complications. If not removed, plaque will harden into tartar and eventually cause gum disease.
When plaque is left on teeth long enough to harden, tartar forms. At this point, brushing your teeth alone will not remove them. This added buildup can irritate the gums and eventually cause gum disease. Our dentists can remove both plaque and tartar which helps prevent many other oral health problems.

What is Dental Hygiene?

This is a way to keep your mouth, teeth and gums in good shape. This means taking care of your oral health regularly so that plaque and other things do not build up in your mouth and cause problems.

Why is dental hygiene important?

This is important so that oral diseases do not occur. Some issues that occur from bad care include cavities, tooth decay and more. Dental Hygiene keeps your bacteria in check so that serious problems do not occur. Oral health doesn’t just affect the mouth but the rest of the body as well so it’s always better to be careful.

How can I ensure good dental hygiene?

There are many ways to take of your dental health:
  1. Brushing– Dentists recommend brushing your teeth two times a day. It helps get rid of your plaque buildup. But brushing can only be effective when it’s done for two minutes around your mouth with toothpaste that contains fluoride. 
  2. Flossing – Doing this once a day helps gets rid of plaque in the hard-to-reach places between your teeth. It helps prevent gum disease and is necessary for interdental cleaning. 
  3. Mouthwash – We recommend doing this at least once a day for 30s to 1 min. It helps prevent plaque buildup in your mouth as well as reduce risks for tooth decay and cavities. Plus it’s a great way to freshen your breath. 
  4. Tongue Scraping – If you find your tongue turns white really easily that may be because bacteria, food, and other things are getting stuck in here. Using a tongue scraper or lightly brushing your tongue can get rid of these problems.

Is there anything I should avoid for good dental health?

Some foods and drinks can increase the risk of oral problems so it’s best to avoid them when you can.
  1. Ice – Some people have a habit of chewing on ice. But biting on ice can cause your teeth to chip. It can also damage your teeth’ enamel. This causes your teeth to become more sensitive to hot and cold foods. 
  2. Tongue Piercings – They may be a popular accessory but they lead to higher risks of infection in your mouth. Plus biting this thing the wrong way can crack a tooth or scrape other places like your cheek or a blood vessel.
  3. Grinding Teeth – This can be a habit for some people but it’s one that should be remedied immediately if you want to protect your teeth from wearing down over time. Mouthguards can be a good way to control this condition.
  4. Smoking – This habit doesn’t just stain your teeth it can also cause tooth decay. Prolonged use can lead to gum disease which weakens them enough so that your teeth fall out. This is because smoking leads to a higher risk of dental problems.
  5. Sugar – Eating foods that are high in sugar has been linked to tooth decay. While we’re not saying to cut out all sugar we recommend limiting the number of treats you snack on for a healthier enamel and teeth. It might be better to have these foods during a meal as your mouth produces more saliva during that time. The saliva can help rinse the sugar from your mouth.

What are some things I should eat for good dental hygiene?

If you’d like to take care of yourself there are certain foods that are great for your mouth:
  1. Dairy Products – Foods like milk and cheeses are great at producing saliva which helps get rid of things stuck in your teeth. They also help strengthen the tooth enamel because they balance pH levels in your mouth.
  2. Food with fibre – These foods are usually crunchy like apples and pears which help clean your mouth as you chew as well as produce more saliva. Chewing stimulates your gums and prevents gum disease.
  3. Nuts – All of them are packed with essential nutrients. But Brazil nuts and cashews are great because they have properties to help fight bacteria that lead to tooth decay. So they are good for your teeth and gums.
  4. Green Tea – This drink is made with polyphenols, a substance that can limit the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Plus green teas can also help reduce bad breath and are great at preventing tooth decay.
  5. Water – Having a drink with your meal is a great way to wash down the food particles and reduce the buildup of bacteria. Water is the best drink to accompany your meal as it has no sugar or other additives that can damage your teeth.

How often should I visit a dentist?

No matter how well you take care of your dental hygiene it is always recommended that you visit a dentist at least every six months. Regular checkups ensure that dentists can detect a problem before it becomes worse. Plus there are a number of services professionals can perform to make sure your oral health is exemplary like:
  1. Dental Check-Up – This is the standard exam done to ensure you have no cavities, plaque build-up, gum disease, and more. A trained professional can notice these issues immediately and take care of them.
  2. Cleanings –  This is done to get rid of plaque and tartar in your gums and teeth. The dentists take their time to go through every nook and cranny of your mouth. In the end not only will your smile look brighter but your mouth will feel cleaner as well.
Our dental health is important but it can be easily overlooked sometimes. So if you follow the tips listed above it can be a great way to take care of yourself.
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